If you are planning to enter an exhibition and present your brand to the masses, then it is essential to understand the nitty gritties of the exhibition to make it successful. One of the key things that are easy to forget is exhibition spaces.

An exhibition in itself consists of different spaces or zones that can create an impact on the overall result of the exhibition. It is necessary to know the function of these spaces to get the maximum benefits from your efforts.

This article will enlist different types of exhibition spaces that will help you to make your exhibition stall stand out.

How Exhibition Space Functions?

Exhibition spaces have very specific functions. The function may be small and negligible, but the impact can be pretty serious. Any exhibition space that a business holds is divided into zones. These zones have diverse importance. However, together the functionality of these is pretty much responsible for the success of the exhibition stall.

It is completely up to the business and the presenter as to how they wish to take the space/zone into usage to create the most robust strategy.

Different Zones and How They Function

Broadly speaking, exhibition space is divided into four main zones/spaces where the core of the zone is the most essential one. However, an attendee will reach the core or the final zone only if the zones at the start can catch

Introduction/Attraction Zone

As the saying goes, the first impression is the last impression; well, that’s the role of the attraction or introduction zone. It is the first layer of the zone that needs to attract the attention of the attendees. Only if you can attract the customer to this zone is there a chance that they will be your customer for sure.

The best way to make this zone work is to keep up with how your stall looks. Try making it more aesthetic and pleasing to the eyes while being relevant to the brand.

Demonstration Or Presentation Zone

Once a customer or an investor crosses the attraction zone, it is all up to how effectively you are presenting the brand. You have captured the customer’s attention, now is the time to hold it by bringing to the front the best features of your brand.

If it is a product, it needs to be a good presentation focusing on the positives of the product, and if it is a service, ensure to demonstrate the importance clearly.

Engagement Zone

When the customer is done with the initial presentation or demonstration, and if they find it interesting enough, they enter the engagement zone. Once a customer enters this zone, it becomes crucial to keep their attention on you.

Engaging them is a core necessity of this zone, and it is quite a make-it-or-break-it situation from here on. You need to understand what are the underlying requirements of the customer that he is coming to your stall. Figure out an answer to that, and voila, the customer will be hooked.

Support Zone

It might seem like the deal is done; however, a customer’s mind can change in a fraction of a second. Hence, if you want to seal the deal, let your customer know that you are there to support them in any way possible.

The interaction during this zone is what the customer will take home. It is what will bring you more customers in the future. So, ensure to work hard in this zone too.

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It might not seem much, but an exhibition space is a place of cutthroat competition. Each brand wants the customer to land at their stall so that they can interest them in what they are offering. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the different exhibition spaces and their function to make the most of the customer’s attention. At Cognitio Exhibitions & Interiors, we understand just how critical each exhibition space or zone is. With years of experience and a team comprising industry experts, we help you to utilize the exhibition zones in the best way possible. This ensures that you get your target customers who will be there with you in the long run too. If you, too, want to make proper use of the exhibition spaces, connect with us today.