Exhibitions are a sure-shot way to bring more attention and limelight to your brand. However, your brand must have to stand apart from the crowd. Many key elements will be responsible for a successful exhibition booth.

One of the key elements that you need to take care of is the position of the booth. There are multiple booth positions, and each has its plus points. Read on to know which booth can be the ultimate choice for you.

Different Types of Exhibition Booths

Choosing the right exhibition booth position can be helpful as different positions can attract attendees in different ways. It depends on a lot of factors as to which booth will suit you the best. Below are the five most sought-after booth positions across all exhibitions.

1. Island Booth

This booth type has been aptly named Island, as it opens from all sides. It means that it has the maximum visibility when it comes to the attendees. This is the most in-demand booth, as attendees from anywhere can see this booth. Naturally so, it is also the most expensive booth in all the five types, and it is also pretty hard to get as everyone is out there to get it.

2. Peninsula Booth

After the Island booth, many businesses aim to get at least the peninsula booth, as three sides of this booth are open for view. Since the three sides are open, many attendees tend to catch sight of it without making much effort. Nonetheless, it is quite costly too.

3. Corner Booth

The third favorite stall position for any businesses or stall designers is the corner booth, as it is open on two sides. Owing to this, the corner booth gets a lot of attention from the attendees. Not as much as Island booth does, but nothing less even. Corner booth also comes at a hefty price because of the exposure it provides.

4. Linear Booth

Linear booths are not that much in demand, given the fact that it is only open on one side. The back of the stall is aligned with a wall. At the same time, the sides of the booth are aligned with other booths on both sides. This booth is almost always available, and even the prices are not much given that the visibility is low.

5. Perimeter Booth

The least favorite of all booth positions is the perimeter booth. As the name suggests, these booths are along the perimeter of the exhibition location. Giving the lowest visibility of all, these booths are also open on only one side. Also, since they are at the very end, not many attendees go out to find it. Hence the cost of the booth is the lowest amongst all.

Get the Maximum Exposure With the Best Booth Positions By Cognitio Exhibitions & Interiors

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